Friday, 11 February 2011

Let me show you a love of an intensity and fervor the likes of which you hath never before seen. To long hath I relate these thoughts in soliloquy. Let tonight be filled with ardent love and dark romance, let me lay in your arms,close to you feeling your warmth, let me be yours.

wrap me in your deepest desire,your fondest given kiss, caress me soft and hold me near,entangled in your bliss, to feel your lips upon my skin,to give myself to you, a feeling I have no control a bliss I give in to. Without you with me , tonight doth seem like winter,the fruits of summer fade, the roses doth wilt, the sun doth cower like a child, I do so long for you

Your eyes stained by silver rivers i console you in my arms , do not weep my beautiful princess I will never let you down. My tears only flow for you, hold me near to you and I will never let anyone hurt you again.
My heart it burns for you , my intolerable pain that only you can ease, my eyes full of sorrow that only you can end, I would give everything for you.
Let tonight not be filled with dark tragedies but with the rapture of our embrace, the words upon your lips, the smile upon your face

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